What Unifies Americans and What is the Purpose of Government?

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What Unifies Americans?
The United States is a diverse nation of people with origins around the world. Since the nation's colonial days, people have moved to the United States for different reasons. Most come to seek greater opportunities for themselves and their families. They come speaking different languages, having different beliefs, and practicing different customs. The differences lend themselves to different ideas about how government should function as well. With a population well over 310 million, something must unite Americans to keep the nation relatively peaceful and stable.The nation's history is the foundation for certain values and principles that serve to unite Americans. They share the basic values of equality, freedom, and justice. People who put those values to work ensure that people are equal and have the same rights and freedoms under the law. Americans can make their own choices, such as where to live and what type of work to do, because these values are inherent in the laws and government that protect their rights. What Is the Purpose of Government?

Government exists to provide order and safety to its citizens. Without government and laws, chaos and anarchy would reign. Imagine a world with no highways, no courts, and no hospitals. Think about life without elections, where those who hold power and make the rules exercise their authority through violence or money. We would have little or no say in how our society is organized. We would be limited in making choices for our own lives.The purposes of government are to keep the peace within its territory, protect its citizens, provide important services, and maintain public institutions. Government is created because collective action, or groups of people working together, can accomplish these purposes where individuals cannot. Laws and public policy help direct where and how to build structures like airports. Speed limits, punishment for crimes, and other policies help protect safety....
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