White Revolution

Topics: Government, Democracy, Milk Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: September 11, 2012
White revolution_Verghese Kurien

What do you know about pasteurisation, an interviewer asked the young man who had applied for a Government of India fellowship for a Masters in Engineering abroad. Some thing to do with milk? Was the uncertain reply. The year was 1946. In his biography From Anand: The story of Verghese Kurien, MV Kamath recounts the story of how the youngster was selected to do a Masters in dairy engineering by a government committee that was impervious to gis peas that he be allowed to specialise in metallurgy instead. As it turned out, Michigan State University did not have dairy engineering, and Verghese Kurien was able to do metallurgy and Physics. But when he came back to India in 1948, it was to a small and unknown village in Gujarat called Anand that he was sent, to work out his two-year bond at the Government creamery on a salart of Rs. 600 per month. Hating his hob, he waited impatiently for his fetters to loosen. That did not happen. What it did was that V. Kurien, by the conjuction of politics, nationalism and professional challenge, decided to decide to stay on. He would transform rural India.

Verghese Kurien, who became a legend in his lifetime for building a cooperative movement that transformed the lives of poor farmers while making India self-reliant in milk production, died on Sunday in Nadiad at the age of 90. He was in hospital suffering from a series of problems associated with old age.

Born on November 26, 1921 in Kozahikode kerala , stidied at Madras University for a Bachelor of Science in 1940, a Bachelor of Science in 1940 . he was the recipient of several distinguished Indian and international awards. To give a short selection of them: nationally the Padmashri ;Padmabhushan ; Krishi Ratna ; and the Padma Vighushan . Out side India, it was the Ramon Magasaysay Award for Community Leadership ;the Wateler peace Prize of the...
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