Why I Want to Work for the Government When I Graduate

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When I came to McMaster University in 2007, I was a 17-year-old who was adamant to finish my four years with six-figure earning potential by age 23.

Alas, coming to university knocked some sense into my system and I realized when it came to my career, I really needed to focus on what I could attain with my qualifications and what would benefit me the most.

In my second year, I went for a job shadow at the Ontario Ministry of Finance in downtown Toronto because a career advisor at McMaster’s career services told me it was an excellent way to gain some exposure. I was reluctant at first because I automatically assumed that working for the government would not be very exciting.

To this day, I credit that job shadow with being the reason why I want to work for the government when I’m done school. While I was not paid to job shadow at the Ministry of Finance, being able to immerse myself in the environment and having the chance to talk with current workers was worth it.

As stated by Eleonore in her article on government recruitment, hundreds of Canadians every year are given the chance to work for the federal government. Nevertheless, her article focused on post-graduate opportunities within the federal government, which are jobs for people that are finished or are about to finish school.

While there is an abundance of job opportunities for post-graduates, current students should not get discouraged – the government, specifically at the federal and provincial levels, has excellent programs for students to get some public service work experience before they finish school.

These are some of the misconceptions I had about government work which I realized were not true at all once I started working there.

Government jobs always need French.
While the answer to this question depends on what government level you’re looking at, bilingualism is not always a requirement. Approximately 40% of federal government jobs require some knowledge of French (but...
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