Woodrow Wilson vs. Long

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The big question for Wilson was how Americans could incorporate Public Administration into the Constitution which did not mention it. Also in developing Public Administration, Wilson’s basic difficulty was how to reconcile the differences in notions of democracy (popular rule) and the systematic rules. To do this he says there are two spheres: “Politics” and “Administration” Politics = choices of government are made by the elected and Administration = carries out the choices by the (popular consent) free of political meddling> “politics-administration dichotomy”

Before entering into the science of administration Wilson felt it was needed that first there should be some account of the history of what others have done in the field, secondly there should be an ascertainment of its subject-matter, and thirdly the it should be determined the best methods to develop it and the most clarifying political conceptions to carry into it. Without knowing these first, he feels that there should be no compass or chart to go by.

The question was always: Who shall make the law, and what shall the law be? The other question, how law should be administered with enlightenment, with equity, with speed, and without friction, was put aside as practical detail to be determined by clerks after the “doctors” determined the detail.

The reason administration has come into context only now is because now there appears to be trouble in it, the big constitutional questions on the right of government have been answered for now. The Science of Public Administration= seeking to straighten the pathos of government to make its business less un-business like; to strengthen and purify its organization, and to crown its duties with dutifulness—all in order to all the government to see more clearly how it ought to do the things it sees it should do.

This science originated overseas in foreign lands such as France and Germany but from it must be adapted to not a simple and compact state...
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