World's Leader Speech Critique

Topics: Sustainability, Economics, Developed country Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: December 20, 2012
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For this reaction paper, I choose speeches by Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt (Sweden) and also President Jacob Zuma (South Africa). Both leaders have take their actions to improve on their countries development as well as the economy. As we know, Sweden was one of the developed countries as well as top 10 rich countries over the world. As developed country, not a lot of development issues that arise. They just need to focus on how to sustain a balanced economy and at the same time increase the national income. Referring to the Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt speech at the Rio +20 Summit on Sustainable Development, they emphasize four areas of importance to create a sustainable development. The four areas consist of the prices of natural resources, the awareness and need for sustainable urbanization, the resources and the innovation potential of businesses and sustainable use of energy as well as water and sanitation. Personally, I agreed with what Sweden Prime Minister has said or recommend in the speech. Sweden already has strong healthy environment, social justice and economic growth. Thus, it’s time for them to focus on sustainable development where they could improve those strong components. It is good when PM Fredrik wanted to focus in the four areas in order to sustain development of Sweden. Overall, what is advocated by the prime minister of Sweden is a green economy in the face of global climate change issue. The main problem in environmental issue is the misuse of natural resources that will provide environmental problems in the future. So, they try to reduce the problem of greenhouse gas emissions by setting environmental taxes, trade with emissions and environmental fees. They can also increase the income of the country in this way. They also want to implement effective urban planning that reduces the problem of poverty in urban areas. At the same time, they also tried to implement a business community that...
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