Writing Process

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Writing Process
Before this class, I did not recognize the writing processes were very important for me, and I used to write the day before the due day. My weakness part is I sometimes confuse with the meaning of the words or use the wrong words in the sentences. The misused words and disorganized content always weaken my writing. My strength in the writing is developing my ideas. Usually, I would develop at least three ideas concerning the topic. Overall I join the writing class, I have learned that each writing process has its own characteristic, and they have improved my writing skills. Prewriting is the first process in the writing. This process can help me organizing and developing my ideas. In the writing class, all of the students were developing their ideas through the discussion on canvas, outlining, group brainstorming etc. I think the outlining is the helpful method for development and organization of ideas. Using the outlining, I would develop three major ideas at the beginning, and them I will expand each major idea to three minor ideas. After that, I will write an outline according to my thoughts and organize them in logical order. The second process is rough drafting or first drafting. In this process, the only thing I need to do is using the complete sentence to write my thoughts. Also, I would add addition information to support my thoughts. In this process, I used to do like a final drafting that I would write with editing. It means I would correct the grammars, the wrong words and the sentence structures. However, the teacher and the writing lab taught me that rough drafting and editing should be separate. Editing process should be after the rough drafting process. The purpose of rough drafting is using my words and following the outline to complete the paragraph or essay. The third process is revising and editing. After the rough drafting, it is time to check any incorrect grammars, words or sentence structures in the...
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