Written texts analysis

Topics: Writing, Written language, Linguistics Pages: 2 (403 words) Published: October 27, 2013
Since the examination of written language is easier to conduct than the scrutiny of oral texts,in that more data is available in different genres, produced by people form different backgrounds as well as with disparate purposes, it is more developed and of interest not onlyto linguists but also language teachers and literary scholars. Each of them, however,approaches this study in a different way, reaching diverse conclusions, therefore only notionsthat are mutual for them and especially those significant for language methodology areaccounted for here. What is worth mentioning is the fact that in that type of analysis scholarsdo not evaluate the content in terms of literary qualities, or grammatical appropriateness, buthow readers can infer the message that the author intended to convey (Trappes-Lomax2004:133).Apart from differences between written and spoken language described beforehand it isobviously possible to find various types and classes of discourse depending on their purpose.Written texts differ from one another not only in genre and function, but also in their structureand form, which is of primary importance to language teachers, as the knowledge of arrangement and variety of writing influences readers' understanding, memory of messagesincluded in the discourse, as well as the speed of perception. Moreover, written texts analysis provides teachers with systematic knowledge of the ways of describing texts, thanks to whichthey can make their students aware of characteristic features of discourse to which thelearners should pay particularly close attention, such as cohesion and coherence. In addition,understanding these concepts should also improve learners' writing skills as they would become aware of traits essential for a good written text (3).One of the major concerns of written discourse analysts is the relation of neighboring sentences and, in particular, factors attesting to the fact that a given text is more than only thesum of its components. It...
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