Topics: Linguistics, Hotel, Modernism Pages: 2 (361 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Dillon Curttright
September 21, 2012
ENGL 10521
Lindsey Hursh
Journal 9
1. Austerity - severity of discipline, regime, expression, or design Tawdry - cheap and gaudy in appearance or quality
Lexicon - a reference book that alphabetically lists words and their meanings, e.g. of an ancient language Emblematically - relating to, consisting of, or acting as an emblem Sumptuous - magnificent or grand in appearance

Disjunction - a disconnection of joined parts or things
Repudiates - to disapprove of something formally and strongly and renounce any connection with it Virulence - the quality of being extremely poisonous, infectious, or damaging, or the extent to which a disease or toxin possesses this quality Interlocutor - a participant in a discussion or conversation Paradigms - a typical example of something

2. “That is to say that they no longer attempt, as did the masterworks and monuments of high modernism, to insert a different, distinct, an elevated, a new utopian language into the tawdry and commercial sign-system of the surrounding city but, on the contrary, seek to speak that very language, using its lexicon and syntax, that has been emblematically 'learned from Las Vegas'.” They no longer attempt, like the buildings of high modernism, to put in a perfect societies language into the city, but they tried to speak that very language that was learned from Las Vegas. I believe this is the thesis, because it sets up the kind of post modernism building style he is talking about, and how they differ from high modernism. 3. “it is a popular building, visited with enthusiasm by locals and tourists alike (although Portman's other buildings are even more successful in this respect).” “This diagnosis is, to my mind, confirmed by the great reflective glass skin of the Bonaventure, whose function might first be interpreted as developing a thematics of reproductive technology.” It’s a highly visited building that tourists and locals both like, although his...
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