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The purpose of this paper is to present a critical review of the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) of Greater Montreal. This review is based on information collected from various public sources including the 2003 annual report of the YMCA of Greater Montreal, as well as several historical documents collected from the holdings of Concordia University archives. The method of the project is to examine the YMCA of Greater Montreal as part of the larger framework of the YMCA Canada federation. The scope of the project is to present legal and contractual aspects as they related to the YMCA of Greater Montreal. YMCA Canada

The Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) was founded in London, England in 1844 by George Williams, at the age of 23. Its purpose at the time was to “assist young workers during the Industrial Revolution” by creating a partnership between volunteers, staff members and local communities. In 1918, a national council of YMCAs in Canada was incorporated. YMCA Canada is a federation of 61 charitable not-for-profit YMCA and YMCA-YWCA members. The mandate of the federation is to help people attain good health through a healthy lifestyle: good health focused “on prevention, rehabilitation, self-management and the social support needed to grow in spirit, mind and body” . The federation oversees its mandate by monitoring and identifying relevant issues relating to all aspects of the environment of the associations’ members in Canada. The federation functions on the following set of principles : •Ethics and Accountability; by upholding the values, constitution and by-laws of the members of the federation in a transparent and trusted approach. •Collaboration; by supporting the aspirations and expectations of member associations. •Receptive and Responsive; by evaluating new ideas and leading according to member association’s needs. •Proactive; by advancing and protecting the interests of member associations. The federation is governed by a national voluntary Board of Directors. Its mission is to supervise and govern national plans and priorities for the organization. More specifically, the national board is responsible for performing acts for council, controlling the budget, and giving direction to the Chair and CEO. Members of the Board are most commonly volunteers from local association boards. All sixty-one member associations report to the national council. The national council is divided into three key areas: the policy setting body, voting members, and the non-voting members. The policy setting body is responsible for prioritizing the use of resources, maintaining the YMCA national identity, exchanging information and electing officers, national board members and nominating committees. The voting members are elected to represent each of the 61 associations. The non-voting members include national board members, life members, fellowship of honor recipients and fraternal representatives. Ultimately, the national council is responsible for approving the guiding principles that are adopted by all the regional member associations. YMCA of Greater Montreal

The YMCA of Greater Montreal was established by the church in 1851 to provide a venue for religious discussions and activities. Its present mandate is to support the community by providing programs and services for the “the fulfillment of people in spirit, mind and body”. The programs and services reflect “the needs and aspirations” of local communities, to work with “individuals and communities in developing countries in achieving social justice and control of their environments” . The organization’s policies, programs and services help to support key values such as; •Participation and Access

Education and Prevention
Respect for others
Volunteer work and Philanthropy
Board of Directors
The Board of Directors at the YMCA of Greater Montreal is composed of seventeen members, all volunteers. The...

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