Youth Power

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A collective responsibility: The youth is the hope of our motherland But for the youth, Rizal has left generations that succeeded, a challenge that has forever been echoed by the older ones, that “the youth is the hope of our motherland.”

I will not try to enumerate how many times past young generations have failed to live up to this promise, nor will I try to over magnify the extent of their failure, but instead, pass on something more to those who burden us with that thought.

Has the older generation accorded opportunities and ways for us to realize that life long dream of Rizal’s? Have we been provided the resources which would hone our capacities as individuals? Have we been given the means so that we could fulfill that endless promise bestowed upon us?

The youth has forever been stigmatized as a failure in the eyes of our countrymen, yet, what most people don’t realize is the abundance of chances they get for example, to have access to universal quality education. I have no intention to pass the blame to the government, but my intent is simply premised in the fact that it should be a collective responsibility between families, the government and the private sector, to uphold that principle.

How can the youth be economically productive agents if there are too few jobs available for so many graduates and those young individuals who are currently unemployed? Again, I’m not passing the blame to the market conditions; rather, I’m more focused towards increased public-private-educational partnership which should exist in order to facilitate an environment of creating opportunities.

My idea is simple. Let’s not play the blame game as we commemorate Rizal’s heroism and just pass on responsibility without adequate support and resources. We have been treated by past generations to this kind of practice, and at this particular time, we cannot afford to follow the same path.

Concretely, the work should begin with dialogue. Dialogue is a powerful tool...
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