A Critical Discourse Analysis of Operator Cellular Ads

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A Critical Discourse Analysis of Operator Cellular Advertisement (Text and Context Analysis in XL Ads)

A. Introduction
Advertising is always alive anytime and anywhere in human’s life nowadays. Benjamin Franklin was the first people who enrich the advertising information to add the illustration so that the effect of the advertisement becomes stronger (Ferry Darmawan, 2005, 103). In Indonesia, the forms of advertising rely on verbal language that are written and printed. The main strength of advertising are in the language, image, and the cultivation of creative layout that they used to promote their product to consumers. Every advertisers always want to make their products become successful in the market, so in order to accomplish their purpose, they have to to make an advertisement that having a good language and pictures or illustrations so the consumer wll be persuaded by it. It is essential that a critical look to advertising be done so that the consumers are not fooled by its persuasive power and end up buying the products not because they need it, but they want it. One such tool to investigate it is Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA). CDA is defined as is a multi-disciplinary, problem-oriented approach in investigating the enactment of power abuse, dominance, and inequality that is present in text and talk and thus in its stand, try to understand and resist social imbalance (Dijk, 2001). Through CDA, it is possible to examine the strategies of manipulation and persuasive power that are often implicitly and carefully used in advertisements. However, not much study has been undertaken to explore critical discourse analysis of advertisements especially in the Indonesian context. One of the product that nowadays becomes the primary needed of human is mobile operator or provider mobile phone number. Mobile phone is the important device to make communication between two people or more in different distance. The important element of mobile phone so that it can be used to make a call is service provider. Different kinds of service provider has been presented in Indonesia. Each of service provider uses media campaign through advertisement so that people can be interested to their product and then want to use the service provider. Every service provider uses their own way to make the consumers curious about it, such as giving a free call and sms in the middle of the night, giving toll-free, etc. They persuade the consumer with a unique advertisement so that the consumers will be curious and then use the products. As part of the disclosure of ideas, the ad of operator cellular must have unity or wholeness discourse or writing to reflect the ideas or issues to be disclosed by the author so that the information or the things of advertising can be understood easily by people who consist of various different backgrounds different. Cohesion and coherence reflect the meaning of the word that is used in advertisement. By using the good and right of wording choice, the consumers can get the point of the meaning of the advertisement, and they can choose the right product that appropriate to their needed. One of the unique service provider advertisement is XL. XL always make the newest advertisement in a short period and give special features to the consumer. The advertisement is interesting and sometimes make people laugh when watch it. There are two verses of XL advertisement that use unique style of language to persuade the consumer; XL serbu (serba seribu) versi donat (Omesh); XL isi pulsa bonus pulsa (Omesh). This paper attempts to cast some light into a critical look of the advertisements found in XL advertisement in two verses, XL serbu (serba seribu) versi donat (Omesh), and XL isi pulsa bonus pulsa (Omesh) in terms of observing the choice of words, cohesion, and coherence and also grammatical elements in the advertisment and also analyzing the contextual meaning of the wording choices by using a three-level approach of...

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