Topics: Government, Governance, Law Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: May 17, 2015
Nowadays, the corruption in Indonesia rapidly increased. Corruption is one of criminalities that very shameful and everyone knows it. For the corruptors, it is not law infringement, but it is habitual activity. Indonesia becomes a country which has many corruptors in rank 16 Asia Pacific. The governments ignore and they do not want to know anymore about this problem. Law systems in Indonesia are not successful to make the corruptors fear and they do not redo the law infringement. The best way to solve this problem is the government should give a death punishment to corruptors. The corruptors cause difficulties for economic development, democracy, and good governance. They also increase financial burden for pauper. Because of those reasons, the corruption should be given death punishment. Firstly, the reason why the corruptor should be given death punishment is because they cause difficulties for economic development. Economic specialist considered that the first factor which makes Asia and Africa have backwardness of economic development is the corruption. Because of that reason, the corruptor will be better if they get this punishment, although some people do not agree with this notion, because they think this punishment is only for someone who kills someone else. However, the corruptors also kill someone else especially for pauper. They make poverty and hunger increase in this country and kill the pauper slowly. After that, the corruptors also cause difficulties for democracy. Most of the corruptor come from people who actuate of democracy in a country, they undermine the system democracy with law infringement that they did. Corruption makes bad governance and it creates the distrust among the public, because a corruptor can deprave other people in democracy development easily. A country which follows democracy system should not do the corruption, because the governments show income and outcome the expenses of the country...
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