A Knights Tale

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You are to write an essay which comments on how the elements of drama bring about the dramatic meaning of the film studied. CONDITIONS:
400 - 500 words
In-class and homework
Clearly state which film you are referring to
Attach this task sheet to the front of your finished copy
Use the following questions as the structure for your essay
1. Write a paragraph about the dramatic meaning (a main idea which is explored) in A Knight’s Tale. They want to change their stars, continued to work hard, stick to dreams, good things will happen. He was true and honest 2. Write a paragraph about how tension was developed in the film. Explain one or two examples from the film in detail. William wanted to fight but he was a peasant and wasn’t allowed to. Other were scared if they got caught William would be hung and they didn’t want to lose him. When urich was followed and his true identity was reviled which meant he was a peasant not a Nobel knight, Jocelyn and his friends suggested he run but he decided to stay and face the truth. 3. Explain what effect this tension has on the audience. What does it make the audience think about the characters and situation? How does it relate to the dramatic meaning which you explained in paragraph 1? 4. Write a paragraph about an important relationship in the play. How does the relationship change? Give specific examples from the film in your explanation. The relationship with his father, his father raised him and wanted him to be better than what his father was, he sent him to stay with a knight and learn life skills. William was worried about how he would find his way home, he loved and respected his father and understood why he was doing what he was doing. William grew up to be an honest, trustworthy with strong values. He believed in himself, even though he wasn’t from a Nobel background he believed he still was. 5. What effect does this relationship have on the audience? How does it relate to the dramatic...
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