A Linguistic Analysis of the Negroid and Its Direful Existence

Topics: Linguistics, The White Man's Burden, Social sciences Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: December 1, 2012
A Linguistic Analysis of the Negroid and its Direful Existence Dr. Kime, PH.D.
VLR Journal of Social Science

In his recent paper, my colleague Doctor Blanchard explained in detail the evolutionary factors that underlie black inferiority. What remains to be explored however is the full extent of the impact this has had on the specie’s potential for socio-cultural development. I need not point out that the negroid tribes have failed throughout every point in history to reach anywhere near the level of sophistication of white civilization in any respect whatsoever; what has caused me to take an interest in the inferiority of their language is that it carries the unique property of having little to no effort made to conceal it. Indeed, I have even read reports of negroids occasionally attempting to speak to humans. Thus, I find it to be one of the easier inadequacies for the social scientist to observe at a safe distance. One does not have to be a linguist to note that the African’s native dialects display a verbal level akin to any white infant. Very seldom will one hear anything resembling words in their speech; it is easy to see that their communication consists chiefly of primitive noises such as clicks and relies largely on savage body language. In extreme cases, the negroid`s attempt at speech may even bear resemblance to that of the Paul. But the crudeness of native African society is well known and I find giving it a lot of time to be redundant. Thus this paper will rather focus on the analysis of the attempts made in recent centuries to assimilate the negroid into the civilized way of life offered in North America. I will not deny that the white man has been of considerable help ever since kindly inviting those of the negroid people who wished to voluntarily visit his land and learn of the right/white way of life. And how the white man has toiled ever since the beasts arrived to give them only the...

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