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The world of business is one that has not been left behind in terms of technological development. In this vein, e-commerce is a field that has been well embraced in the field of business. With the globalization of business, this is a tool that has proven to be effective in ensuring that all individuals are able to conduct businesses online, with no inconveniences that come with face-to-face interactions. E-commerce has been well embraced by both large and small corporations, especially in developed countries. In order to ensure that e-commerce is well adopted, an environment that is legally effective, supportive government policies, and social-cultural infrastructures that are compatible, are but among the very important aspects to consider. The effectiveness of these aspects fosters adoption of e-commerce by different societies and companies. By establishing an environment that would facilitate proper adoption of e-commerce, this is an inclusion that could be effective in strengthening economies of different companies and supporting the development of various national economies all over the globe in the future1. E-Commerce

E-commerce is an effective tool in making different businesses productive and competitive. This is a development that has been well embraced all over the globe, especially by large corporations in the developed countries. However, as much as the phenomenon has taken more than a decade since its introduction, it has not been well diffused and adopted in different countries all over the world2. This could be attributed to the different levels of technological advancement in the different countries. It is such technology that defines the information environment of any given country. The information environment of any nation has a great impact on the adoption of e-commerce. However,...
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