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Traditionally, the interaction between government and citizen took place in a government office. Now Govt. are facing problem in wake of social and technology, publics are demanding efficient and transparent public administration. Governments worldwide are striving hard to transform and reinvent the government system.

It can be defined as the application of ICT-particularly internet based information technology by government agency to improve efficiency, effectiveness, Transparency and accountability of government

Application of ICT in functioning of the government in order to create SMART Government: S-Simple
To reach out to citizen by adopting a life-cycle approach
Better service delivery to citizens
Ushering in transparency and accountability
Empowering people through information
Improved efficiency within governance
Improve interface with business and industry

Benefits or Opportunity offered by it:
1) Better Access to Information and quality service for citizens Access to information means-Forms of law, rules, procedure, Decision making process, public debate, Annual performance report
Better quality services-One point Accessibility of public services-Saving times, Money and efforts
2) Simplicity, Efficiency and accountability in government
Simplicity-Process, structure and functioning
Efficiency-enhance decision making abilities
Accountability-All contributing in creating environment of more accountable government machinery
3) Expanded reach Governance
To bring government machinery to the door steps of the citizens-enable more better public participation of citizens in the process of government-means development of good governance

E-Governance Initiative in India:
Early 1980s
By late 1980s

Dept. of electronics
National information Centre (NIC)-First major step toward E-Governance Limited use of computer in government offices
Large no. of govt. offices had a computer used for word processingGradually introduction and application of software Computerization, Tele-connectivity and internet connectivity- came large number of e-governance initiatives

National task force on information technology and software development Union ministry of information technology
12-point minimum agenda for E-governance was identified by GOI for implementation in all the union government ministries/Departments:  To provide PC to Section officer level
 To provide adequate training to official staff
 To Start using the office procedure Automation software
 Pay roll accounting and others house keeping software should be put in use
 Notice for internal meeting through mail service
 Wen-enable grievance readressal software
 Each ministry should have its own website
 All acts, rules, circular must be converted into electronic forms  Hindi version of content of website
 To enable completion and submission online application

E-Governance Initiative by State and central Government

Computerisation of
land, record
Unique national

Government to
initiative (G2C)

Gyandoot (MP)

Security Resons
Effective deliver of service to citizen
Development programme for targeted
To provide relavant information to rural
Acting as an inteface between the district
asdministation and people

Project friend

it is a single window facility providing citizen
the means to pay tax and financial dues to
state governemt

ESeva (AP)

All services are delivered online to consumer
/citizens by connecting them to respective
government department

Admission to

making admission process transparent, fare
and objective

to Business
under different
statute, license
under diffrent...
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