E-Government Portal of Rep. of Korea (Analysis for Academic Purposes)

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E-government portal of rep. of Korea|
H.K.S.C Kumari|

SWOT analysis of e-government strategy of South Korea (Critical writing)3
Strengths of the portal are described4
Korea’s e-government6
Services from the portal6
Future of e-government Korea11


Rep. of Korea is one of those best e-government services providing countries in the world with the vision of “The world’s best digital government for the people”. Korea ranked first among all UN member countries in 2010 and 2012 in the "e-Government Development Index" and "e-Government Participation Index" of the United Nations e-Government assessment. And by 2006, Rep. of Korea established 100% of government services online.

Figure1: E-government status comparison of Rep. of Korea with other countries SWOT analysis of e-government strategy of South Korea (Critical writing)

Strengths| Weaknesses|
Prepared human resources(The best strength is Korean people successfully using e-government strategies established)| Some services are not supported for the mobile devices.| Relevant good IT infrastructure and e-readiness| Data security is not certified at anywhere in the information. (e.g. even in bidding platform)| E-Government leaders (Korea is in its top ratings in e-government strategies with many awards.)| Unavailability of efficient emergency alert service (such as missing children, crimes and disasters by using ICT)| Developed legislation and strategic Framework (1st legislation was passed by 2001)| The national identity and culture that has enabled Korea to effect national change may be a weakness as the e-program moves into the more advanced and diverse transformation stage.| Already developed and successfully using core e-government portal and sub portals for local governments.| | Sufficient use of social media to support e-government strategies (In the portals all most all the contacts contains a link to its relevant Face Book page )| | Use of local language (Korean) for the portal presenting is in satisfied level.| | Improvements in both efficiency and transparency of administrative work| | Provision of people-focused and company-focused administrative services| | Strengthening of communication with the citizens regarding government policies| | Increased efficiency of information resource management| |

Opportunities| Threads|
Adopting to fast growing mobile technologies in the e-government services | Economic and financial crisis all over the world may change the priority of E-Government development. | Introducing effective partnership and Outsourcing strategies (The whole e-government portal is under control of the central government. The higher rate of effectiveness can be achieved with partnerships)| Increasing e-Crime and big failures in the e-Government information security| Availability of IT with high potential to be used in relevant services: cloud computing, mobile technologies, social networks| Government -centric approach to public services| Availability of service oriented architecture approach with significant opportunities in providing e-Government servicesSignificant development of applications that will enable the transformation of e-governance in mobile (m-government) by increasing the mobility of civil servants as well as facilitating citizens' access to services, such as alert mobile (m-alerting), updated mobile (m-info) (The portal doesn’t mention such services)| Delayed regulation of new technologies and business models such as cloud computing and public services outsourcing.|

Some strengths of the portal are described

1. The main e-government portal is connected with all the other official web sites of ministries, president office, Prime Minister Office, all the other legislative bodies and judiciary bodies and their respective face book pages....
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