E-Waste Management

Topics: Recycling, Waste management, Electronic waste Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: October 6, 2008
E-waste comprises of wastes generated from used electronic devices which are not fit for their original intended use and are destined for recovery, recycling or disposal. Such wastes encompasses wide range of electrical and electronic devises such as computers, hand held cellular phones, personal stereos, including large household appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners etc. The increasing “market penetration” and “high obsolescence rate” in developing countries make e-waste as one of the fastest growing waste streams. The e-waste inventory based on obsolescence rate in India for has been estimated to 8, 00,000 tonnes by 2012. The large quantities of e-waste being generated have spawned a new industry: e-waste recycling. E-wastes contain over 1000 different substances many of which are toxic and potentially hazardous to environment and human health, if these not handled in an environmentally sound manner. E-waste recycling partly is a lucrative business because e-waste apart from plastic and glass also consist of valuable materials such as steel, aluminium, gold, copper.

At present there is no large scale organized e-waste recycling facility in India and there are two small e-waste dismantling facilities are functioning in Chennai and Bangalore, while most of the e-waste recycling units are operating in un-organized sector. The methods employed by the unorganized sector are highly ineffective as the focus is only on commodity recovery and not on treating the inherently present hazardous material (like lead, cadmium, mercury, polychlorinated bi-phenyls), and rendering them harmless.

Our aim is to develop an E-waste recycling facility to render the hazardous substances harmless. It aims to achieve a 0% landfill when compared to the present industry standard, 60% and be a dominant player in the commodity recovery segment. Over a period of years we envision to progress into a reliable, affordable, world class, end-to-end electronic waste management...
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