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Argument Essay

I enjoyed the process of writing this essay because it was a topic that hit very close to home, and a subject that i could relate to in regards to the N word and how it has changed throughout history. At first I must admit i didnt feel i could relate and write a decent essay, when it was first assigned because i couldn't equate how language effected me personally, and how i could write an argumentative essay on a facet of language. I came to my decision of writing about the N word after having a conversation with Mr. Dillon on the racial state of America. This made me realize that i could very easily write my essay on the history of the N word and how it has impacted American history quite drastically. Then i had to chose which stance i would take considering my generation has a completely different view on the word, than my parents generation would. To my generation the term is used as a representation of unity or brotherhood, which is a completely different view than that of my parents generation who can only equate the word with hate and violence. I took the stance as someone who can understand both points but I can't fully make up my mind on my take on the word because i feel as if it has lost its meaning, and you can tell when someone says it and it spews hate or when they say it and it has a friendly connotation. Writing this essay allowed me to realize it is easiest to write about something that has meaning to you rather than something that doesnt interest you and almost feels like a chore to write. This essay was very fun to write and I enjoyed the process.
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