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S.W.O.T Analysis on Fresin Fries

Fresin Fries started in Singapore sales gourmet fries in a cone with sauce of choice. The concept was derived from Belgium, the fries would be fresh cut and fried twice. Their goal is to provide quality food and services, the is to create a youthful and fresh experience for their future customers. FF will offer nothing but fresh Belgium fries, sandwiches, and a variety of uniquely blended sauces, served with home-style care. Fresin Fries hours of operations are 10am-9pm. A different selection of sauces will be featured and available every three months, along with the featuring of new sauces they will be introducing new Italian soda flavors.

Quality food
Offering and selling nothing but fresh food will draw the attention from people who prefer to eat healthy versus processed food like other restaurants . Hours of Operation
Opening to the general public at 10am-9pm, are very flexible and convenient hours. Youthful and Fresh Surroundings
Imitated from other successful establishments, statistics has shown a huge interest in these type of restaurant styles. Targeting the majority of the core market ages 18-35. Variety
Everyone loves a variety or to feel like they have a choice. By offering a variety and changing the selections of sauces and soda will make people visit more. Company Ownership
FF is owner by two individuals, Sam Sauce and Guy Fry. They have over 10 years experience between them with the food industry. Marketing
Innovative packaging for products are more interesting than competitors, also the sales of supporting merchandise. Future Products
By introducing future products and services will keep people interested in your establishment. Which goes back into keeping everything fresh idea. Some of the upcoming products will be; value meals, private parties, and added menu options.

Marketing Analysis
Appealing to a certain age group or source will cut out future advancement into...
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