The city of Kelsey

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The city of Kelsey was founded in 1932 by M.Kelsey with the mission of having the amenities of the big city without sacrificing the small town charm. A earth friendly community that provides a better quality of life through service, environmental awareness, and a healthy lifestyle. The Stanley Park project would promote M.Kelsey mission as it purposes a solution to accommodate daily use and special request from the significant rise in population. The Stanley Park would promote the community’s mission to promote healthy lifestyle as this big amenity would be a great amenity to the small town. Public administrative are supportive of the project as they help assets the needs of the community and discuss plans for the community center with the city council. The city of Kelsey seems to have a supportive governmental system as a growing city which takes action in improving life for its citizens. This is a type of government leadership is one that show care, listens to the needs and desires of it citizens. While considering the constructing of the Stanley Park the city still stay in line with their mission of environmental awareness. The preconstruction planning considered the air and water pollution as it required an air quality and water use analysis. This community has evolved and will continue to, sticking close to the mission statement. The city is building on its foundation the city was built on, preserving the natural resources of the land and maintaining a close-knit community. Kelsey today continues to promote small business, community events, as well as an expressive school district. This is a community that will continue to live up to its citizens standards. I read an article titled “striving to meet community needs” which focuses more on a response to heath issue. What I did get from the reading is the best way to meet the community needs is to collaborate and communicate with in the community and other organizations. As well as provide support while...
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